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Couple’s Therapy: Deconstructing the Myths

Relationships can be extremely rewarding and fulfilling, however, sometimes they present challenges we don’t feel prepared to overcome. In these occasions, many people don’t seek help from a therapist because they have wrong preconceived notions about couple’s therapy. We thought that gathering the most common misconceptions we have come across through years of experience in […]

Sex Addiction, the Twelve Steps, and Therapy

Timothy D. Stein, MA and Patrick Carnes, PhD. present us with their summary of the chapter 4.4 Sex Addiction, the Twelve Steps, and Therapy of the Routledge International Handbook of Sex Addiction. Rex had consistently avoided 12 step meetings. When he reluctantly walked into the room for the first time, he found a room of […]

The Role of Sexual Fantasies in Sexual Addiction

I take the view that the mind comes equipped with many profound and ingenious resources which are partly the endowment of evolution, whilst also referencing metaphysical realities that pass beyond our current understanding. These latter may always elude our primate cognitive capacities, and therefore I do not believe that what we cannot now understand must […]

Accredited Diploma in Sex Addiction Therapy

Compulsive Sexual Behaviours  – How often is it presenting in your therapy room? We hear from therapists around the country that even though it might not be the presenting problem, compulsive sexual behaviours are being disclosed in therapy.  It isn’t just the person feeling the compulsion, but more partners coming forward looking for support after […]

From the Ordinary to the Overextended: Stress Responses & Addiction Triggers

Announcement of Workshop: Friday, 16 March, 2018, London Andy Cole, ATSAC Qualified Member, business psychologist and executive coach, delivers this dynamic workshop on the impact of stress in triggering addictive patterns of behaviour.  Andy’s interdisciplinary expertise and approach in psychology, coaching, and addiction provides therapists, coaches, mentors, and psychologists with tools relevant to all.  Gain additional […]

Art Therapy and Working with Compulsive Sexual Behaviours – CPD Workshop

In our experience, clients with compulsive sexual behaviours and their partners benefit immensely in therapy from even the simplest art therapy techniques.  Francesca Hall, an integrative Arts Psychotherapist trained at the Institute of Arts in Therapy and Education, and developer of the many of the tools used in our Men’s Group at Dr Thaddeus Birchard & […]

Overview of Presentations of Sexual Addiction

By Ralph Earle (PhD, ABPP) and Rick Isenberg (MD, CSAT) In the human experience, sexual expression takes a myriad of forms, limited only by the bounds of imagination. As the field of human sexuality progresses, more and more sexual behaviours have been catalogued and acknowledged as normal variants. As myriad as the range of sexual […]

Men and Women’s Groups – Starting in January!

Dr Thaddeus Birchard & Associates is now accepting members into their group programmes to support both clients and their partners struggling with sex addiction and sexually compulsive behaviours.  All groups are facilitated by a specialist therapist whose practice is focussed on working with the unique issues this experience brings. Women’s (Partners) Group:  commencing 5 February, every […]