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Accredited Diploma in Sex Addiction Therapy

Compulsive Sexual Behaviours  – How often is it presenting in your therapy room? We hear from therapists around the country that even though it might not be the presenting problem, compulsive sexual behaviours are being disclosed in therapy.  It isn’t just the person feeling the compulsion, but more partners coming forward looking for support after […]

From the Ordinary to the Overextended: Stress Responses & Addiction Triggers

Announcement of Workshop: Friday, 16 March, 2018, London Andy Cole, ATSAC Qualified Member, business psychologist and executive coach, delivers this dynamic workshop on the impact of stress in triggering addictive patterns of behaviour.  Andy’s interdisciplinary expertise and approach in psychology, coaching, and addiction provides therapists, coaches, mentors, and psychologists with tools relevant to all.  Gain additional […]

Art Therapy and Working with Compulsive Sexual Behaviours – CPD Workshop

In our experience, clients with compulsive sexual behaviours and their partners benefit immensely in therapy from even the simplest art therapy techniques.  Francesca Hall, an integrative Arts Psychotherapist trained at the Institute of Arts in Therapy and Education, and developer of the many of the tools used in our Men’s Group at the Marylebone Centre, is […]

Overview of Presentations of Sexual Addiction

By Ralph Earle (PhD, ABPP) and Rick Isenberg (MD, CSAT) In the human experience, sexual expression takes a myriad of forms, limited only by the bounds of imagination. As the field of human sexuality progresses, more and more sexual behaviours have been catalogued and acknowledged as normal variants. As myriad as the range of sexual […]

The Face of Female Sexual Addiction, by Dr. Alexandra Katehakis

While the term sex addiction (SA) has a decidedly male ring to it, female sex and love addiction (FSLA) echoes a romantic component seen as essentially feminine. Deprived of early parental mirroring and care, both SAs and FSLAs ache to be seen and loved. But unlike their male counterparts, most FSLAs identify their loneliness and […]

Men and Women’s Groups – Starting in January!

The Marylebone Centre is now accepting members into their group programmes to support both clients and their partners struggling with sex addiction and sexually compulsive behaviours.  All groups are facilitated by a specialist therapist whose practice is focussed on working with the unique issues this experience brings. Women’s (Partners) Group:  commencing 5 February, every Monday for […]

ATSAC Annual Conference – 27 January 2018

The annual meeting of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity will take place on 27 January, 2018.  This professional meeting of psychologists, therapists, counsellors, and health care professionals brings together experts from various fields to engage in the latest theory and practical application in working with sex addiction and compulsivity.  This […]

Coping with the Discovery of Sexual Compulsivity – Women’s Group

NEW DATES:  Lunchtime group: (6 weeks), 1 – 2:30 PM starting 19 February The Women’s Group is offered to female partners of men with sex addiction and sexually compulsive behaviours.  The group provides a safe, confidential place for you to speak about your emotions upon discovery, and helps you process your thoughts and overall experience. […]

Distinguished Speaker CPD Series – Spring 2018 Calendar

The Marylebone Centre’s Distinguished Speaker calendar is now live on our website!  Therapists, counsellors, doctors, nurses, and mental health workers join our specialised courses from distinguished, engaging presenters.  Many of our courses are approved for CPD hours by the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists. Coming up: 26 January, 2018:  Introduction to Psychosexual Medicine   […]