Newly released: “Sex Addiction Treatment in the UK”

Dr Thaddeus Birchard describes the development of the understanding and treatment of sexual addiction in the United Kingdom (UK) in his latest article for Sex Addiction & Compulsivity: The Journal of Treatment and Prevention (2017, v. 24, issue 1-2).  Dr Birchard gives an overview of major contributors, their work, and the founding of professional and self-help organisations in the UK dedicated to treating those presenting with sexual addiction and their partners.

Psychology Today Interviews Dr Birchard

The Book Brigade at Psychology Today have published their interview with Dr Birchard regarding compulsive sexual behaviours and the latest book Overcoming Sexual Addiction: A Self Help Guide. Read it here.

The Law and Sexual Behaviours – Dr Thaddeus Birchard & Associates Diploma Programme

We are delighted to announce that Nigel Richardson, criminal defence solicitor with some 30 years’ experience and a deputy District Judge sitting in the Magistrates court, will be bringing his expertise on English law, sexual behaviours, and therapeutic considerations to the Dr Thaddeus Birchard & Associates Diploma programme.  Nigel heads up the large and thriving criminal litigation department at Hodge Jones and Allen, a multi-disciplinary practice in Central London. Over that time he has represented clients accused of the whole range of criminal offences.  Nigel also advises and represents people in the sex industry and has a somewhat niche practice advising commercial or professional organisations on their potential criminal liability for materials they may publish or have in their possession.

Adolescents and Compulsive Sexual Behaviours – Dr Thaddeus Birchard & Associates Diploma

John Woods will be sharing his expertise on working with adolescents and teens with compulsive sexual behaviours with participants on Dr Thaddeus Birchard & Associates Diploma Programme.  John has specialised in helping people with problematic sexual behaviour.  He has worked as a psychotherapist in the NHS and as a Consultant Psychotherapist at the Portman Clinic, London.  John is also qualified as a Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist and Group Analyst. A published author of a book on juvenile sexual offending, Boys Who Have Abused and co-editor of Forensic Group Psychotherapy,  he has written numerous papers on clinical topics, published in various learned journals, including a number of articles on internet pornography use.

Diploma in Sex Addiction Therapy (Level 6)

Applications for places on our Diploma programme are now being accepted on our London and Edinburgh venues.  Places are limited for Fall 2017. This programme helps therapists work competently and confidently with clients, partners, and couples struggling with compulsive sexual behaviours.   Dr Thaddeus Birchard & Associates’s Diploma in Sex Addiction Therapy (Level 6) is accredited by Middlesex University and approved by the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity.  Successful completion of the Diploma meets one of the requirements towards becoming a Qualified Member of ATSAC.  Download our online brochure and learn more about our programme.  (This course delivered by Dr Thaddeus Birchard & Associates can lead to the award of credit points by Middlesex University. This course does not result in the award of a Middlesex qualification.)

Overcoming Sex Addiction: a Self-Help Guide

A new publication from our Clinical Director, Dr Thaddeus Birchard

“Leading UK sex addiction expert, Dr Thaddeus Birchard, shares his specialist knowledge, experience and interventions in sex addiction and gives us something special in this gem of a self-help resource book. A highly recommend read, it is an incisive, instructive and enabling resource to transform the patient into self-therapist in the recovery from sex addiction.  (Lesley Boswell, Vice Chairperson of the Association for the Treatment of Sex Addiction and Compulsivity)

Overcoming Sex Addiction is an accessible self-help guide which uses the principles of cognitive behaviour therapy to help those with problematic or unwanted patterns of sexual behaviour. It is designed for those who are not yet ready to seek professional help or who live in a place where little help is available and can be used in conjunction with general psychotherapy. Written by a leading expert in the field, the book offers an insight into the origins of sex addiction, before going on to explain the cycle of addiction and how to break it.

The book has a do-it yourself week-by-week programme of action to tackle compulsive sexual behaviour, and provides extensive advice on relapse prevention to help the reader move forward in recovery.

Overcoming Sex Addiction will provide clear, informed guidance for sex addicts and those professionals working with them.

Now available on Amazon.