ATSAC Annual Conference – 27 January 2018

The annual meeting of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity will take place on 27 January, 2018.  This professional meeting of psychologists, therapists, counsellors, and health care professionals brings together experts from various fields to engage in the latest theory and practical application in working with sex addiction and compulsivity.  This year’s speakers and workshops include:

  • Dr Fiona McKinney:  Female Sex Addiction:  A Forgotten Population?
  • Dr Ross Bartels:  Sexual Deviance:  What We Know So Far;  and New Approaches to Understanding and Managing Sexual Fantasies
  • Dr Roberta Babb:  Stolen Love:  The Dark Side of Sexually Harmful Behaviours; and Shining the Light on the Dark Side of Sexually Harmful Online Behaviours
  • Sally Openshaw:  Recognising and responding to erotic transference with clients presenting with sexual addiction 
  • Stephanie Palin: Working with Partners of Sex Addicts 
  • Jackie Williams: The Cost of Caring: Working with Sex Addiction and Understanding Compassion Fatigue 

Find out more on the ATSAC Conference page.